who we are

who we are
who we are


  • Air conditioned
  • Typical Roman tavern with checkered tablecloths red / white
  • Country family
  • Average expenditure from € 10.00 to € 30.00 each.
  • It is located at the center between the two most important squares of Rome (Pantheon / Navona)
  • Line for internet wi.fi
  • Accepted credit cards: American Express, Charter, Master, ATM, post office, visa, visaelectron
Recommended by Rick Steves in “Best of Europe 2011”: Best of Europe 2011 - R. Steves

Just us...

Those that: since twenty years interpret this job with passion and honesty. Just us... Those who just us: welcome you with a smile and availability '. Just us... Those that: host you in a friendly and familiar atmosphere. Just us... Those that: deal only quality food and offer it to their customers at competitive prices. Just us!!


Entrata (1990)At the age of about 7/8 years old, Sacchi Alfonso, now the owner of the restaurant “TAVERNA LE COPPELLE”, already moved and grew between the tables of the restaurant ‘'AL FAGIANETTO’' owned by his dad Elio Sacchi and his uncle Giacomo Guarnieri, located located in Filippo Turati Street, 21 ( situed in S.Maria Maggiore-Termini zone), trying to learn all the secrets of this beautiful and ancient craft. become twenty, he opens along with a friend of his first sandwich shop in Rome, ‘BENNY BURGER'.
Rome, ‘BENNY BURGER'. But the catering is always in his heart, so in 1991 he gives his partner the sandwich shop to detect a small restaurant between the Pantheon and Navona Place: ‘TAVERNA LE COPPELLE’. Things for the first few years are not going so well, due to previous mismanagement, but but with the right commitment, sacrifice and experience inherited from his father, started the restaurant to boot. In 1996, here is the turning point. The restaurant is expanding a room, at the service there are not waiters but some funny and cute girls who welcome the guest with friendly customer education.
The food offered to become excellent quality of the flour with mozzarella and other ingredients used in the pizza, the pasta just excellent brand, the fabulous beef to veal Italian Danish Dutch and French.
The clientele doubles each time until you get to start today with a local fully known.
I thank my clients who appreciated and I appreciate even now for what I do and I give them.
I thank all my colleagues, especially GINA (my manager), Aldo and Akas chefs, Massimo and Rony pizza, and FRANCO (sadly died of disease).